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Procedures / Description

Treatments are provided in the treatment rooms of EA Hotel Atlantic Palace.


Underwater massage - hydroxeur

A procedure carried out in water. Combines the effects of a full thermal bath and massage. Relaxes the muscles, gets blood flowing to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves joint mobility, and at the same time alleviates pain in the musculoskeletal system.

Massage bath

Bath temperature 34-37°C. A whirlpool bath. A full-body massage all at once, rather than a massage that focuses on a certain part of the body at different stages. Leads to an improvement in blood circulation, relaxation, and an improvement in the metabolism. Supports good functioning of the lymphatic system.

Pearl bath

Slightly hyperthermic, 34-37°C in temperature. A process of micro-massage and relaxation of the skin. Very pleasant for the patient. Has a calming effect on neuroses, musculoskeletal diseases, joint pain, and the spine. Helps with muscle regeneration and is also suitable for sleep disorders. Improves blood circulation. An oil-based herbal additive is always added to the bath.

Carbon dioxide bath

Prepared by carbonating plain or mineral water with carbon dioxide. The effect of carbonated water depends on the water temperature and the amount of CO2 in the water. Should be hypothermic, i.e. 28-34°C in temperature. The bath is more effective at lower temperatures. Active hyperaemia occurs where the bath meets the skin, the capillaries expand in the periphery, and the effect is something akin to peripheral autotransfusion. The skin gets enough blood, the perception of cold is reduced, and the initial feeling of cold alternates with a feeling of warmth. Due to the minimum thermal load, this procedure is suitable for a wide range of diseases, but always on the recommendation of a doctor (for example, heart and circulatory diseases, vascular diseases, nervous diseases).

Peat bath

Uses a natural healing source - peat. Bath temperature 37-40°C. Strongly hyperaemic. Has excellent effects on rheumatic diseases and arthrosis, brings relief to back, joint, and muscle pain, improves eczema, acne, and skin inflammation, and strengthens the functioning of the sweat glands. Has a proven positive effect on musculoskeletal diseases, gynaecological inflammations, neurological and lifestyle diseases, helps in the treatment of psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne, corrects sleep disorders, and also has substantial detoxifying properties.

Oat bath

The bath temperature is between 34 and 37°C. It is prepared using 100% oat powder and mineral water. The bath gently warms, relaxes, and regenerates. It is suitable for children and adults with highly atopic and dry skin. The oat bath soothes irritated skin, calms itching, and soothes allergic dermatitis.

Classic massage

Given by a trained medical masseur who uses special touch on affected trophic skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles. Impacts on muscle tone, both in terms of reduction and increase, contributes to the absorption of swelling, supports the metabolism, and disrupts tissue adhesions. The procedure has both local and general relaxation effects. Massage creams or massage oils are used. The effect of the massage is to stimulate receptors and promote the metabolism, trophics, and circulation in the tissue of the massaged area. It is a pleasant procedure that has a substantial psychotherapeutic effect.

Peat compresses

A hyperthermic procedure in which a natural healing source – "peloid" – is used to prepare single-use compresses, which are applied to the part of the body to be treated according to the doctor's prescription. The treated area is intensively heated with the help of a heat carrier. The peat compress leads to increased blood circulation in the given part of the body, relaxes, releases tension, and accelerates absorption. The heat, meanwhile, softens connective tissue, relaxes ligaments, fascia, and joint capsules. The procedure is good preparation for onward therapy; for example, individual exercise.

Lymphatic drainage

Acts on the drainage of lymph nodes and blood vessels using air chambers that are filled by a compressor from distal to proximal parts, with adjustable pressure and programme. The air is then discharged, and the cycle repeated. The procedure is suitable for tired lower limbs, as prevention of varicose veins and swelling, to improve circulation, and to help post-operative and post-traumatic conditions and selected neurological diseases.


This therapeutic procedure, performed by a specially trained physiotherapist, employs the reflexology method – a combination of the effects of acupuncture and the local application of CO2 to subcutaneous tissue. It impacts on painful conditions and functional disorders. This procedure is suitable for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and ischemic diseases of the lower limbs, and has a positive effect on the activity of internal organs as part of the reflex effect. Pneumopuncture has outstanding effects on reducing pain in the spine and joints.

Oxygen therapy

Inhale oxygen-enriched air that has been adequately humidified so as not to dry out the mucous membrane. The air is inhaled through a nasal catheter or various masks. The administration of oxygen increases the quality and length of life, increases tolerance of physical activity, reduces mean pulmonary artery pressure, and prevents progressive pulmonary hypertension and the development of cor pulmonale (right heart failure secondary to lung disease). With multi-stage oxygen therapy, we strive to increase the oxygen content in the blood, and in doing so treat certain diseases and problems that occur in old age or when living a poor lifestyle over the long-term. Oxygen therapy has a wide range of effects: it has proven itself in the follow-up treatment of conditions after strokes, heart attacks, or surgery (for example, ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, bouts of angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, cerebral blood circulation disorders, forgetfulness, and tinnitus).

Magnet therapy

Uses a pulsed electromagnetic field. The application is carried out using cylindrical or flat applicators. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, leads to dilation of the blood vessels, and relieves muscle tension and spasms. It also accelerates the healing of bones and soft tissue. Indications are mainly degenerative, inflammatory, and functional diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Positively affects the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Uses various types of currents, with varying effects. Depending on the type of current used, the effect is analgesic, toning, spasmolytic, or hyperaemic, all based on the doctor's prescription in order to achieve the desired effect.

Dry carbon dioxide baths

Involves enclosing the body (but not the head) in a special plastic sack filled with carbon dioxide. The fundamental reaction in the body sees the expansion of peripheral arteries and the lowering of blood pressure, which positively affects the metabolism. It also has an anti-cellulite effect. It suppresses the formation of varicose veins, and softens and moistens the skin. The effects are identical to those of a carbon dioxide bath in water, the only difference being that the procedure is carried out in a dry environment.


Ultrasound produces an aerosol that acts on both the upper and lower airways. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the size of the aerosol particles and the active substances in the solutions administered. The airways are moistened and cleansed during the inhalation process.

Paraffin gloves

The temperature of the paraffin is around 52°C. Soak your hands (up to your wrists) in warm paraffin for a few seconds, doing so repeatedly (3 to 5 times). Let the wax drip off and place your hands in a HDPE or plastic bag, then put on terry-cloth gloves (these can heat for a longer time). The layer of paraffin deeply warms the small joints of the hands, treats the skin, relaxes stiff muscles and joints, and increases blood circulation. This treatment is useful for musculoskeletal disorders and rheumatoid arthritis because it leads to maximum peripheral blood circulation.

Cleopatra bath

The bath temperature is 34 -37°C. It is prepared using whey and rose oil. Effective prevention against ageing, generally rejuvenating and healing the body. The bath leaves you with a pleasant feeling and soft, silky skin.


Involves a mechanical wave of the physical environment (sound) with a frequency higher than can be captured by the human ear. The therapist gently passes the application head over the affected area of the body. Contact between the device head and tissue must always involve a contact medium (paraffin oil or conductive gel). Improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, relieves cramps, and alleviates pain. It is recommended for post-traumatic conditions, chronic inflammatory joint diseases, and other degenerative diseases.

Full-body classic massage

Back, neck, legs, arms. Eliminates fatigue and promotes the regeneration of the body. This procedure is mostly used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (for example, to alleviate pain) and supplements treatment when it is necessary to relax stiff muscles or treat painful contractures. It has an overall relaxing effect on the body.

Biolamp light therapy

A simple, sufficiently-effective source of therapeutic biostimulation light that works on the principle of light polarisation. The biolamp generates polarised radiation, similar to an irradiation laser, but its radiation is polychromatic, with the chromatic component filtered out. Biotherapy is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, to accelerate the healing of post-operative scars, to alleviate pain in the spine and joints, and to treat colds.

Anti-rheumatic bath

A regenerative bath containing lavender and rosemary oil at a water temperature of 35-37°C. Relaxes and warms stiff muscles and limbs.

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